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Ensure Compliance with BIR and use an ERP System that is Localized to Philippines regulations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations provides a powerful, flexible and agile Cloud-based ERP to businesses looking to operate in the Republic of the Philippines.

Hitachi Solutions has localized the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations to meet the local regulatory requirements and ensure compliance with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (“BIR”). The solution has been accredited by the BIR.

The localizations are available for both the ERP and the Retail Point of Sale Solution. Key localizations include the following:

  • Withholding Tax at time of invoice
  • Withholding Tax on a Purchase Order
  • Withholding Tax on payment
  • Withholding Tax on Pre-Payment
  • Ability to apply multiple withholding tax codes to one vendor invoice
  • Calculation of Senior Citizens Discount
  • Calculation of VAT on Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Purchase Order, Vendor Invoice
  • Purchase Journal
  • Sales Journal
  • Cash Disbursement Journal
  • Cash Receipt Journal
  • General Journal Inquiry
  • Withholding Tax Transaction Inquiry
  • Certificate of Final Tax withheld at Source (BIR Form 2306)
  • Certificate of Creditable Tax withheld at Source (BIR Form 2307)
  • BIR Form 1600 Alphalist
  • Alphabetical List of Payees from whom Taxes were withheld (BIR Form 1601E Alphalist – Schedule 1)
  • Annual Information Return of Creditable Income Tax Withheld (Expanded) (BIR Form 1604E)

Hitachi Solutions has over 9,000 Microsoft professionals globally and a team over 150 Microsoft Dynamics consultants in Philippines. With Hitachi’s Global Capability, Knowledge and Local Presence in Philippines you can ensure a get a scalable implementation with local presence that understands your needs and requirements and ensures compliance. For more details email us at info@hitachisolutions.com.